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WARNING: My new solo record will be released in a few days on SKRAT Records.
The record is a high quality 12″ vinyl, weighs 194g and plays best at 45rpm.

Release party: Thursday 19. June at Dragens Hule, Refshalevej 209A, Copenhagen.
Wine and grilled cheese at 20!

-i snor - the Wolf Project - Artwork by Pawel Nowakowski 

Note: this record is a redefined version of the soundtrack I did for the eponymous contemporary dance act choreographed by Kenneth Flak and Külli Roosna, still performed around the world.
Artwork by Pawel Nowakowski. Click on the picture to see both sides.

More about Yann Coppier’s music on Soundcloud, or -i snor’s old website.

You may preorder the record there.
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