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Piece : Who’s speaking?
Yann Coppier, research project, Kulturværftet, Helsingør, 2019

Piece : Live at Dragens Hule
Pareidolia (Luc Perez/Yann Coppier) live, Copenhagen, 2014

Piece : Live at the Planetarium
Pareidolia (Luc Perez/Yann Coppier) live, Copenhagen, 2014

Piece : Live in Fælledvej
Pareidolia (Luc Perez/Yann Coppier) live, Copenhagen, 2014

Piece : -i snor – The Shadow
Movie by Luc Perez, Music from
-i snor “The Wolf Project”, 2014

New album: The Wolf Project (extract)
-i snor solo album, dark synthetic electronica, 2014 on SKRAT Records

Piece : Interview at SAE Institute Paris
Interview after a conference at SAE Institute Paris (French), 2014

Piece : 43 painting
Installation by Jacob Sikker Remin for Re-New Festival 2013

Piece : The Wolf Project
Contemporary Dance piece by Kenneth Flak & Külli Roosna

Piece : Miniyamba (full film)
Sound design, mix and some music for a movie about Mali, by Luc Perez.

Piece : Miniyamba
Making of the sound design for an animation movie by Luc Perez

Client : Kolding Design Skole
Sound design research for electric vehicles @ etrans project

Piece : God Studies #4
Duo version of the God Studies solo, by/with Kenneth Flak & Külli Roosna

Client : AVID (1 hour long)
Conference at Ircam, Paris about my work as a sound designer (eng subs).

Client : MTV Australia
Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) Awards 2010.

Piece : at+de · trac · tion
Concept and animation by Jacob Linnemann Lange.

Client : Toil
Launch movie from Boston-based Motion Graphics Company Toil.

Client : MTV Scandinavia
Vocals only here. ProMax/BDA Silver Award for best branding, 2008.

Client : Swatch
Exclusive creation for Swatch “Creart”, Billy the Artist series.

Client : MTV England, Viva & VH1
Musical environment for a show about 80s music in the UK.

Client : Adobe
Electronic surf music – Adobe Flash event MAX in Los Angeles, CA, 2009.

Client : Thank You
Customized –i snor track for Thank You Production’s 2009 showreel.

Client: Psst ! Pass it on 3
Part 3 of the “Wacko Gonzo” movie on the collaborative project Psst!

Client : DR Ramasjang
Creation for the Danish show for kids «TV from when dad was a boy».

Client : Carlsberg
A mix of 2 works on Sales Communication and Brand Design.

Client : Twenty 120
Intro for the film collection « the Age of Opulence » by Promax/BDA.

Client : Swatch
All sounds created exclusively for Swatch “Creart”, Grems series.

Client : ReSound
Sweet -i snor track customized for new waterproof hearing aids.

Client : Adobe
Synthetic music for the new Adobe Partners Portal launched in 2009.

Client : Marcos Boca Ceravolo
Customized –i snor track for Boca’s 2010 showreel. Intro by the Knife.

Client : Swatch
All sounds created exclusively for Swatch “Creart”, Ted Scapa series.

Client : Morgunblaðið
A mix of 4 out of 8 commercials for the biggest icelandic newspaper.

Client: Femern
Music for the future bridge/tunnel between Denmark and Germany.

Client : Swatch
Exclusive creation for Swatch “Creart”, Matthew Langille series.

Client : Baccarat
Lounge & crystal. On Baccarat’s website the visual loop has changed.

Client : Icelandic TV Skjáreinn
Total channel rebranding, nominated at the Promax/BDA awards 2008.

Client : Spark Animation Festival 08
Some more vocal extravaganza for a Canadian animation festival, 2008.

Client : TDC
An –i snor track for a showreel about the biggest Danish phone company.

Client : iMelos
A concert atmosphere for iMelos, a website playing live shows… live.

Client : KMD
One more -i snor track adapted, here for a big Danish IT company.

Client : Sjóva
A mix of 2 sound design works for Iceland’s leading insurance company.

Client : Spark Animation Festival 09
An absurd trailer featuring a pair of male underwear in the end, 2009.

Movie: l’Attente XXX
First of seven -i snor art movies. Drawings by Jean-Michel Perchet.

Movie: Strolling Machine
Second of seven -i snor art-movies. French painters and icelandic flies.

Movie: la Peur du Noir
Third of seven -i snor art-movies. Who’s afraid of the dark now?

Movie: Salvox
Fourth of seven -i snor art-movies. Photos by Thierry Garacino.

Movie: Sleeping Machine
Fifth of seven -i snor art-movies. Paintings by Dalila Dalléas.

Movie: Ovale
Sixth of seven -i snor art-movies. Eyes following the music.

Movie: Oh ! il neige…
Last of seven -i snor art-movies. Sculptures by Patrick Lenocher.

Manger !
An intestinal movie with some -i snor stomach sounds, by Xavier Bougouin.

Le Dernier des Immobiles
Extract from Nicola Sornaga’s movie, selected at the 60th Venice Festival.

Un Amour
Extract from a short movie directed by Sophie Tavert, 2009.

Extract from a short movie directed by Maja Friis Kristensen, 2006.

Movie: Précipitations
Complete short movie directed by Michel Tavares, 2003.

Extracts from a short movie directed by Christelle Lamarre, 2002.

Côté Jardin
Extract from a short movie directed by Karine Benhaïm, 2002.

Moi, à ta place…
Complete short movie directed by Michel Tavares, 2001.

God Studies #3
Dance solo by and with Kenneth Flak around the Nordic Mythology, 2007.

of Gods and Driftwood
Extracts from a Contemporary dance piece by Kenneth Flak, 2008.

Indigo Natura
Music for 3 movies / installations by painter Marie-Christine Palombit.

-i snor – the Dark Album
Solo album between electronic, acoustic and electroacoustic, 2005.

Violet River
Worldtronics Quartet with Saz, Cello, Drums, Guitars & Electronics, 2011.

WHOURKR – Concrete
Crazy Death/Electronica/Breakcore duo with Igorrr, 2009. Very loud.

Pollen – Compositions Spontanées
An accoustic duo about silence and resonance, with Fred Plutôt, 2001.

of Gods and Driftwood
Composed for Kenneth Flak’s contemporary dance piece, 2008.

Installations Trio
Live improvised show, Installations by Camilla Graff Jr, 2006.

Super 8 – Four Tracks from Ulturn
Electronic duo based on reverse composition, with Fred Plutôt, 2003.

Salvado Road
Music for a short movie directed by Gerald Hustache-Mathieu, 2002.

Death/Electronica/Breakcore trio with Igorrr & ÖxxöXööx, 2007. Loud!